Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson testified for almost four hours Tuesday in front of a St. Louis County grand jury investigating the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown, a source with knowledge of the investigation said Wednesday.

Wilson was not obligated to testify, and has also spoken with St. Louis County investigators twice and federal investigators once, the source said. The source said that Wilson had been “cooperative.”

You just read all that correctly. The murderer of Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson, testified for the St. Louis County grand jury that will possibly charge the officer with first-degree murder. 

This means that the person responsible for 19-year-old Michael Brown’s death testified before the ten eyewitnesses who either saw or heard Officer Wilson shooting Michael Brown. This is also a possible sign that the grand jury may not charge or indict Officer Darren Wilson. 

If they fail to charge Officer Wilson, it would be the latest injustice in a huge line of injustices against African-Americans in America. If they do charge Officer Wilson, hopefully they throw the book at him. 

Regardless of whether Wilson is charged or not, there are other Officer Wilsons in other murder cases that need charged, along with Officer Wilson. There are other Michael Browns. There are other Aiyana Stanley-Jones. There are other Renisha McBrides. There are other Trayvon Martins. All people of color who have been injured or are murder victims, especially African-Americans, need to have their respective justices as well. 

#TheyNeedJustice #JusticeforMichaelBrown #ArrestDarrenWilson

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Except you are so daft, it’s not even remotely amusing.

The USB key was essentially developed by a computer whiz to store data, information and other software in a mobile source from one computer to the other. The slasher you see up there was created to cut open solid objects like boxes, ropes, etc but to also carve and slice inanimate objects. The lighter you see up there was made for cigarettes. The first three objects have domestic, legitimate use.

The gun, in contrast, has no other domestic objectives and usage. It was specifically made to kill. That is all. Kill. You don’t use a gun to store software programs, you don’t use a gun to peel an orange, you don’t use a gun to light a cigarette up. You use a gun to kill.

Try another comparison. Stop embarrassing yourselves. 



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Gotta put this on blast.
We never needed a white savior.

I hate this country.

What I learned from this video:

  • 100 million Native Americans died at the hands of white colonists
  • Instead of planting crops the colonists spent their days digging random holes in the ground looking for gold. They started starving and dug up Indian corpses to eat. They took Indian prisoners and forced them to teach the colonists how to farm
  • Native Americans had massive cities with tens of thousands of well constructed houses, intricate water canals and large merchant areas.
  • The Native Americans used soaps, deodorants and breath sweeteners while colonists never bathed or even took of their clothes
  • There was a delousing policy with the mantra Nits create Lice; nits being Native American babies, so their goal was to kill every Indian, including babies 
  • In the 1700’s 80% of the Federal Budget went towards eradicating the Native American population so they could take their developed farmland
  • Colonists leaders went town after town killing men women and children under the approval of George Washington
  • "Pursue Indians to extermination" -Thomas Jefferson
  • California governor (1849-1851): “extermination must continue to be waged until the Indian becomes extinct”

The main factor which prevented Native American extinction was the fact they were used for slave labor. The most prized Native Americans were young girls who were said to be valued for labor and lust (that one white dude in your ethnic studies class that says he’s 1/36th Cherokee?)

In modern times children were forced into Indian Boarding Schools whose goal was to “Kill the Indian in them”. It was federal policy. They were beaten if they used their native tongue, they were forced to dress and style their hair like whites 

This country was literally built on terrorism and mass murder. White people are savage terrorists.

Until, this is taught in schools everywhere- “history class” is merely a racism propaganda course.

I’m so glad more and more people are realizing this. I’ve known about this ever since eighth grade and did my research paper on Native Americans. I read from all these different sources and one thing was always constant: European colonists are the worst fucking thing in history

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la gilberta con sus amigos

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Head Over Heels


Whenever you think your life is bad just remember that at school everyone yells “Mick Jagger porn” at me because when I was in 8th grade I plugged in my lap top for a presentation and that was in my search history

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